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Delightful and delicious recipes for healthful and nutritious dessert food. These recipes will inspire the creative artist within, to share with others the beautiful and tasty treats that all can enjoy. This book is gluten-free with a focus on raw foods, and uses the most nutrient dense ingredients available to us today. Highlighting the use of fresh, local and seasonal foods, Sweet & Raw Pie Mandalas loves to support quality farmers and ensure the vision of a sustainable future. EAT FRESH, in LOVE.

"Not only is each of Julia's mandala pies truly a piece of edible art to be enjoyed with your eyes, tongue and the rest of your being, the vibrance of their live super food ingredients make them fuel for your own creative fire. Appreciate these delectable desserts as you would a fine wine: savoring the texture, taste, mouth feel, color and aroma of every bite! Thank you Julia for making the most beautiful, best-tasting, healthiest treats ever!" ~Bruce Horowitz author of The Sun Kitchen Un-cookbook www.thesunkitchen.com

Sweet & Raw Pie Mandalas - Book, Recycled Paper and Veg Inks (166 pages - Over 60 Original Recipes)